Secret Catalog



Get ready for the best issue of the Secret Catalog yet. 

Our 9th issue ships in just a few weeks and by pre-ordering you're ensuring one will end up in your mailbox. This issue includes the work of 26 of our favorite brands making exclusive items just for you. It's chock full of great content, gorgeous imagery, and tantalizing extras to make your reading experience as rich as possible. It also contains a password that will grant you access to the SC store when it opens on a secret day and time.

Only a limited number of catalogs and extras will be made, so be sure to grab yours now. A portion of proceeds from all catalog sales from issue 9 will be donated to Planned Parenthood to help in the fight for equal and fair reproductive rights. 

The catalogs mail in early November and the shop will open mid November.

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***If you want to order multiple issues shipping to different addresses, you can check out separately, or send us an email to split up an order. If we don't hear from you, we will ship the entire order to the address entered at check out.