Gentle Thrills



This top was airbrushed by hand in Los Angeles, California by Isa Beniston AKA/DBA Gentle Thrills! Using fabric-safe, lightweight textile paints, each soft, cotton top is painted one at a time then heat-cured for washability. While the design Isa follows remains the same for each edition of 3 shirts, the hand-rendered nature of the garments means that the artwork on each individual top is entirely unique.

The inspiration for this artwork was pulled from the Gentle Thrills tarot. In the tarot, the wands suit is representative of creativity and energy. As the ace, this card is the most evocative of the meaning of the wands suit. The ace of wands is the essence of fiery passion, but pays respect to the growth that has yet to come. The striped tulips—a flower you give to someone for whom your love is unconditional—include buds that have yet to bloom. The artwork includes motifs that appear on all four shirts.

100% Cotton


Elena is 5'5" with a 42.5" bust, 34.5" waist, and 45" hips. Here she wears a L/XL.