What is Secret Catalog?

Curated by clothing brand, STATE, the Secret Catalog is an actual print catalog full of special edition products made by small and independent designers (you hopefully!). It's a blast to get in the mail and truly sets the tone for a unique shopping experience. It’s filled with gorgeous imagery, fun content, and extra treats for the readers. It aims to connect with shoppers in a tactile and nostalgic way, while offering products that can’t be found anywhere else!

See a video of our most recent issue, and image archives of all past issues!

How It Works?

1. We invite a handful of brands to contribute to each issue.

2. We work with each brand or artist via email / phone / zoom to arrive at the piece(s) they will make for the catalog. The items contributed will  be exclusive to the catalog, and can’t be purchased anywehre else. Once we settle on a style, quantity, price, etc, we send over a P.O. for the order.

3. Brands send us a sample of each product to be used for editorial and product shots.

4. We get busy shooting the catalog and making it magical!!

5. In the meantime, the catalog becomes available for preorder on our site.

6. Brands send the full bulk inventory and invoice as we prep the online shop for launch.

7. We ship catalogs to preorder customers, and they start arriving in mailboxes.

8. The online store launches on a specific day and time, which is printed in the catalog along with a password that grants customers access.

9. The shop is open for password-only shoppers for 2 weeks. After that we remove the password for anyone to shop!

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