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Hannah Fischer | Portland, Oregon | Ritual

Do you have a secret swimming hole (or favorite)? tell us about it.
My secret swimming hole was discovered on a warm summer evening when I was sixteen. Down a wooded path, stuck in between old rickety vacation homes on the Russian River in California. It smells of eucalyptus, mossy rocks, redwood trees and warm sand. The river is slow in this spot and you can swim across to jump off the rocks. I’ve been visiting this swimming hole for over 10 years to swim and kayak. On a good day you can kayak 6 miles, all the way to the ocean and back.

What is your go-to picnic fare?
Chocolate covered strawberries. They’re so easy to make, but feel so fancy. Oh and rosé. And I guess hot dogs, I love a classic hot dog… So I guess I’m not so fancy after all.

Describe your dream summer ootd (outfit of the day).
Breezy linen sack dress and Birkenstocks. In the summer I need all my clothing to be described as “easy and simple”.

Desert Island music?
Michael Jackson. Every album.

What will you be reading this summer vacation?
If I attempt to read anything this summer, with a crazy 3 year-old running around, it will be everything by Jodi Piccoult. Great fiction that sucks you in more than a tv show!

What’s got you on your soapbox lately?
The only thing I get on my soapbox about is if we run out of milk and no one puts it on the grocery list.

Tell us about something you recently learned.
I am learning a lot about gardening these days. I am learning to soak your seeds first. To be patient. To not just yank things out if they don’t grow right away.

Current obsession?
Breaking Bad. Yes I am so behind on this.

Who is your art crush?
So many. Painters Richard Diebenkorn and Helen Frankethaler. Photographer Paul Jung. Large scale installations from Ann Hamilton. I often have an ongoing list of too many clothing designers, ceramicists, photographers, florists, painters that all inspire me at once. I am lucky enough to live in Portland, a city that is knee deep in creatives of all mediums.

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Instagram: @shop_ritual : jewelry
Instagram: @h_fischer : me, my husband, and our 3 year-old son Harper running around barefoot all summer.