Nettie Kent


Name | Hometown | Currently Reside In?

Nettie Kent Ruel, Marthas Vineyard will always be my home but I’m currently making my daily life in Brooklyn, NYC.

Is your work influenced by season or changing weather?

Jewelry design is so season-less, at least I think so, though my work ethic or drive to stay in the studio and work work work definitely changes with the seasons; in the summer I just want to be outside enjoying the life while in the winter I find it much easier to hunker down and spend long days in the studio.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

Oh gosh that’s hard! So many un-fun boring things come in the mail these days…I love getting pretty handmade invitations to weddings and baby showers and other fun stuff. Anything fun and unexpected, like a card from a friend, that makes me think I should mail some cards today just because…

What is your favorite holiday tradition (new or old)?

My family has been changing so much these past few years, so many new little people in our lives! It’s so fun how the new littles change the holiday traditions. My husband and I are lucky that both of our families live on the same little island and we spend the holidays dashing about from one family party to the next, it gets a little crazy and exhausting but we always end up at my brother’s house at the end of the night for a huge feast and time to kick back and relax, the highlight of the night for me is our annual dance dance revolution competition with my nieces and nephews and whoever else is brave enough to join us, I loose every year, like, badly.

How do you find comfort?

I’m all about comfort, cozy is kinda my thing. Couch, cats and husband is all I need on a winters night.

Do you have a favorite fall/winter/holiday memory?

My sisters and I would always gather in my moms cozy, crowded, chaotic kitchen and bake pies for Thanksgiving and cookies for Christmas. It was always so warm and the smells of baking were so yummy, makes me feel warm and hungry just thinking about it!

What is your go-to holiday dish?

I make a killer apple pie, here is my secret ingredient, sour cream! just mix it in with the apples and spices and it bakes into this incredible custard, it’s so good! I always like to go crazy and pile the apples really really high in the pie tin and do a basket weave top to keep it all together, glaze it with brown sugar melted in a little bit of warm water and it comes out of the oven looking really impressive, and delicious!