Knot and Splice

Name | Hometown | Currently Reside In?

Nicole Jo Melton | Everglades (Florida) | just moved to Kansas City, Missouri (from Chicago)!

Is your work influenced by season or changing weather?

I like to think my work is timeless and not based on fleeting trends, but I feel like I’m more productive and creative in Fall/Winter.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

Recently a sweet friend sent me a gift of turquoise for my collection. It was so generous and meant so much to me as we’ve recently moved and I have a new studio to decorate and settle into. I can’t wait to display some of the turquoise from that care package.

What is your favorite holiday tradition (new or old)?

I’m excited to start new traditions with my husband in our new house with our new pup! I think the holidays can be kind of sad or lonely for many people (whether missing someone or for some other personal reason), and so I think it’s important to make your own traditions that bring joy to your life (whether big or small)—and maybe incorporate old ones, too. This year we plan to go get our own Christmas tree for our new house (we have always traveled out of state for the holidays and never bothered with decorating). When packing all our stuff to move recently, I found a huge bag of Christmas cookie cutters that I forgot I had…cant wait to make cookies. I am also looking forward to making stockings and then hang them over our fireplace…and wrap up gifts for our rescue puppy, June. I recently had a custom ornament made of June that I’m gonna hang on our Christmas tree.

How do you find comfort?

I think a hot bath with bubbles or salts is so nice. I have chronic pain so any comfort I can get, I’ll take it!! New socks are always kinda nice…in case anyone is looking for hints :p. I’m really pretty simple and a sucker for sitting in a comfy chair and enjoying my morning coffee. I love listening to music while working. I love watering my plants and seeing them grow. Clean, warm laundry is soooo nice. Also, my feet get cold a lot so I wear house slippers in my studio…it’s very comfy (even if it looks funny).

Do you have a favorite fall/winter/holiday memory?

Yes! My husband proposed to me on my birthday in Fall of 2009. He wanted to propose in a park while I was visiting him in Kansas City (MO), but I was being a goof ball and kept running and jumping in leaves and sliding down hand rails. I thought he was mad at me all day (and couldn’t figure out why). I found out much later that he had tried to propose to me in the park and had slipped the engagement ring into my pocket, but the timing wasn’t right. That whole time I was running around, he was secretly freaking out that the ring had fallen out of my pocket, but didn’t want to give away the surprise. Later on, he found the coat I had set down and got the ring back. That night we went to an opera and he proposed right before it started. I was trying to stare at my ring through the darkness the whole time. I had no idea I had had the ring in my pocket half the day (I definitely wouldn’t have been running around all crazy if I had known)! It’s a good story, though.

What is your go-to holiday dish?

I’m a nut for the traditional holiday food (I guess because we only eat that crazy variety of food once a year?!). For Thanksgiving, my mom-in-law usually does a huge dinner. Other people in the family bring over dishes, too, so it’s this crazy smorgasbord. I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with them every year since my husband and I have been together, so the dinner tradition is something I definitely look forward to. Now that we live in the same town as his family, I’m excited to be able to make my own dishes to contribute (probably my grandma’s pumpkin pie). My husband’s grandma makes this seriously to-die-for sweet potato soufflé. It’s soooo good.

I also always look forward to my mom’s Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day breakfast. She usually bakes a ton of delicious cookies and fudge around the holidays, too…she’s such a good cook and I’m really gonna miss it this year.