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Jamie Bourgeois | Savannah, GA | Jamie Bourgeois

Do you have a secret swimming hole (or favorite)? tell us about it.
I spent a week WWOOFing in Les Seilhols, France one summer with a friend. One day, we hiked up this absolutely lush moss-filled mountain, in search of a swimming hole named La Tortue. It was a round, smooth, upside down turtle shell of a swimming hole, with cold clear water running through it, overlooking the entire valley. Now, I go there every weekend, in my dreams.

What is your go-to picnic fare?
Dale’s Pale Ale.

Describe your dream summer ootd (outfit of the day).
A naturally dyed organic linen culotte jumper, every day of my life, please.

Desert Island music?
Nina Simone and Animal Collective.

What reading material clutters your nightstand?
I’m currently working through “The Strange Lives of Familiar Insects,” by Edwin Way Teal, and “Sustainable Fashion; Past, Present, and Future,” by Jennifer Farley Gordon and Colleen Hill. I also just purchased, and am very excited about, the unabridged audio-book “Becoming Wise,” by Krista Tippett.

What’s got you on your soapbox lately?
Human caused climate change & climate justice, among many others.

Tell us about something you recently learned.
I recently watched the PBS documentary, NOVA: Treasures of Earth, about smelting metals. I learned about how the atoms of different elements interact with one another to form the different kinds of metals we have on Earth, and about all of the research that’s going on today in order to create new metals. Apparently, because of the carbon stored in plastic, scientist Veena Sahajwalla, has been able to turn trash into steel!

Current obsession?
Assassin bugs and podcasts (Climate One, OnBeing, Radio Lab, Two Dope Queens).

Who is your art crush?
Tapestry weavings from The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center.

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