Distil Union

Name | Hometown | Currently Reside In?

We’re based in Charleston, SC.

Co-founder / Art Director Lindsay Windham moved to Charleston from Summerville, SC in 1996.

Co-founder / Product Designer Nate Justiss is from Alabaster, AL, and moved to Charleston twice! First in 2000, and returned in 2005.

Is your work influenced by season or changing weather?

We created Distil Union as an outlet to design products that improve experiences in our everyday lives, any time of year – though living in the South has definitely influenced a new product that’s slated to launch next year in time for summer…

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

Lindsay: Okay, confession: When I travel, I send postcards… to myself. I found an old postcard at Lexington Park Antiques in Asheville, NC, that had been mailed from Rome, my favorite city in the world (so far). I strolled around the corner to Dobra Tea House to sit, sip and write. I also have a postcard that’s a photo of a German zoo’s bear pit that I mailed to myself from Montreal. Now I always think of bears when I think of Montreal!

What is your favorite holiday tradition (new or old)?

Lindsay: Spending hours in the kitchen with my Mom and sister making desserts.

Nate: Slowing down and catching up with family back home. Now that we’re all grown, on Christmas morning we sleep in and have a late breakfast, then eventually get around to opening presents.

How do you find comfort?

Snuggle time with our two gray purr-machines, Pemba and Louie – especially in the winter. They’re furry little furnaces.

What is your go-to holiday dish?

Pecan Tassies – it doesn’t get better (or more dangerous) than bite-sized pecan pies… http://www.marthastewart.com/312653/pecan-tassies