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David Scheid | Los Angeles, CA | David Scheid Stained Glass

Do you have a secret swimming hole (or favorite)? tell us about it.
I’m lucky to live in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. So there are actually quite a few only 30 – 60 minutes from me. Switzer Falls and Eaton Canyon Falls are two of my favorites but not my secret favorite. They are both super fun in the dry years we’ve been going through. I’m really looking forward to them after the wet winter we’ve had this year. There’s nothing better than a long hike and a dip in the endless summer of Southern California.

What is your go-to picnic fare?
My picnics usually happen on a long hike or camping trip, so maybe a smashed peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Sometimes if we are feeling bougie we’ll have some fancy cheese and crackers with us. But it will usually be smooshed and smashed as well.

Describe your dream summer ootd (outfit of the day).
I wear the same thing pretty much year around. T – shirts and chino’s or shorts. The shirts are generally band t shirts I’ve had for my whole life. They are worn in and riddled with holes. If I have to get dressed up I put on a Jung Maven hemp t-shirt which is soft and comfy from the get go. But I guess my dream outfit would be a super loose sun dress (or anything loose fitting with a gentle elastic waistband) and some brand new running shoes that feel like pillows.

Desert Island music?
Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl” 7″ / Grateful Dead – Europe ’72 and Live at Barton Hall 1977 / William Basinski “Disintegration Loops” / Nirvana – Bleach / Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

What reading material clutters your nightstand?
I love biographies and non fiction. Lately it’s been mostly political and lots of magazines like the Atlantic and The New Yorker. I think the last proper book I read was Ta – Nehisi Coates “Between the World and Me”. Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake” has been next to my bed for about 2 months now. I’m trying to get into dystopian sci fi more to prepare me to leave the house.

What’s got you on your soapbox lately?
Black Lives Matter. Fuck Donald Trump.

Tell us about something you recently learned.
I learned that America is riddled with sexism and misogyny. I learned that it’s so systemic that no matter how many posters we make it will take an eon to overcome it. It sucks, I know.

Current obsession?
The plants in my backyard. We bought this house about a year and a half ago and it was at the height of the drought. So we weren’t really watering anything. Then it started raining this summer and everything popped off! Even the cacti I thought didn’t need water just went nuts. So now I water things a couple times a week and I spend probably 30 minutes a day walking around the backyard checking out new leaves on the plants.

Who is your art crush?
Chris Burden / Paul Wackers / Tauba Auerbach / Ry Rocklen / Toba Khedoori / Bradley Cooper – the actor.

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