April Flanders

Name | Hometown | Currently Reside In?

Boone, NC

Is your work influenced by season or changing weather?

My work addresses the problem of invasive species; both plants and animals. Since I often use actual plants in the creation of my work, it is definitely affected by the season, as plants here in Boone begin their hibernation around mid-October. The landscape changes in the fall from lush deep greens, to yellow, orange and brown and red. All the little crickets and frogs go quiet for the long winter and we wait patiently for the first snowfall. The changing of the seasons for me is a reminder of how each ecosystem is interconnected with the world at large.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

Well, there’s nothing like getting an unexpected windfall in the mail; a check in your birthday card, or a refund from your bank. Second to that, I love ordering clothes or shoes online and getting a package full of potentially awesome stuff to wear!

What is your favorite holiday tradition (new or old)?

Our newest holiday tradition is to have a quiet Christmas with our two young sons. My absolute favorite thing to do around the holidays, is to bake cookies, and way too many pies and cakes with my six year old. He loves the mixing and tasting and gets such a kick out of decorating the cookies with sprinkles and colorful accoutrements.

How do you find comfort?

I find comfort each morning, in my husband’s richly brewed coffee paired with a comfy pair of flannel pajamas, and a cotton t-shirt that may or may not match. In the evenings, I find comfort in a glass of cabernet sauvignon and a luxuriously long, hot bath.

Do you have a favorite fall/winter/holiday memory?

The first time we ever hosted Christmas for our family, we had an ice storm that caused us to lose power for three days. We woke Christmas morning to a super cold house, and had to make coffee and Christmas dinner on the grill and the camp stove. I wasn’t planning on cooking the salmon on the grill in the garage, but it worked really well. That night, we got takeout from the local Chinese restaurant and stayed at a hotel.

What is your go-to holiday dish?

We eschew the holiday turkey in favor of a slow cooked pork roast. First, we coat it in tons and tons of garlic, salt, sage, oregano and pepper. Then we sear it on the stove. Then we slow cook it, ALL DAY LONG, on the lowest setting possible. It fills the house with the richest most wonderful smell and when we finally eat it, it just falls apart and melts in our mouths!